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Doctor Who quotes 7th Dr

My favorite Doctors are Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy.  And now I finally get to post my favorite quotes from my favorite Doctor.

Various Doctor Who Quotes



Doctor Who is copyright to the British Broadcasting Corporation, 1963 - present
The Paul McGann DW TV movie is also copyright Fox Broadcasting
Disclaimer: These quotes are presented for the amusement of fans and to promote thought in visitors to this website. We believe this constitutes fair use of brief snippets of dialogue. Enjoy!


"Absence makes the nose grow longer." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy) "Time and the Rani",  BBC,  1987


"I'm suffering from post-regeneration amnesia-- as far as I can remember." --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"Yes, well, where there's a will-- There's a Tom, a Dick and a Harriet." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy) "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"Out of the frying pan, into the mire." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"A fool and his formula are soon parted." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"Every dogma has it's day." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"No. Two wrongs don't make a left turn-- Right." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"As you snore, so shall you sleep." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"Where there's a will…" Friendly alien of the week (Lucretian)
"There's a beneficiary." The Doctor, in response, (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"A miss is as good as a smile." The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"Time and tide melt the snowman." The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"I'll explain later… It's all relative." The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)-- to Albert Einstein, "Time and the Rani", BBC, 1987


"And I was so looking forward to meeting a dragon." The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Dragonfire", BBC 1987


"Why is everyone around here so pre-occupied with meta-physics?"  The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Dragonfire", BBC 1987


"Yes, that's right, you're going.  You've been gone for ages.  You're already gone.  You're still here.  Just arrived.  Haven't even met you yet.  It all depends on who you are and how you look at it.  Strange business, time." The Doctor
"Goodbye, Doctor." --Mel
"Think about me, when you're living your life, one day after another, all in a neat pattern.  Think about the homeless traveler in his old police box, his days like crazy davy."  The Doctor, saying his goodbyes to Mel in "Dragonfire", BBC 1987


"Ace, Give me some of that Nitro 9 you're not carrying." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC 1988


"You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies." --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"You're species has the most amazing capacity for self-deception, matched only by its ingenuity when trying to destroy itself."  The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Frightening, isn't it?  To find that there are others better versed at death than human beings." The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Weapons.  Always useless in the end."  The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"We're reliant on the Doctor, because only the Doctor knows what is going on." --Rachel (Pamela Salem), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Only a fool argues with his Doctor."  Group Captain Gilmore (Simon Williams), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"It's called that [the Hand of Omega] because Time Lords have an infinite capacity for pretension." --The Doctor
"I've noticed that."  --Ace
"The Hand of Omega is a mythical name for Omega's remote stellar manipulator, a device used to customise stars with…and didn't we have trouble with the prototype." --The Doctor
"We?" --Ace (Sophie Aldred)
"They." --The Doctor," (Sylvester McCoy), Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988

"So what are we doing?" --Ace
"Dalek hunting." --The Doctor, Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Renegade Daleks are blobs.  Imperial Daleks are bionic blobs with bits added.  You can tell the Daleks are into racial purity.  So one lot of Daleks recognised [ck] that the other lot of blobs are too different.  Well, they're mutants.  Not pure in their blobiness." --Ace
"Result?"  --The Doctor
"They hate each other's chromosomes.  War to the death." --Ace, "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Doctor, how do you do that?" --Allison, Rachel's assistant.
"Do what?" --The Doctor
"How do you just re-wire a piece of alien machinery?" --Alison
"It's easy, when you have 900 years of experience."  --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"This is the Doctor.  President-elect of the high council of Time Lords, Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time, Protector of Gallifrey.  I call upon you to surrender the Hand of Omega and return to your customary time and place." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"…the Daleks shall become Lords of Time.  We shall become all…" --Davros
[breaking in, mockingly] "powerful, crush the lesser races, conquer the galaxy, unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding!  Etc.! Etc.!" --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Doctor, we did good, didn't we?' --Ace
"Perhaps, Time will tell, it always does." --The Doctor (closing dialogue of "Remembrance of the Daleks", BBC, 1988


"Seventh manhole on the right." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "The Happiness Patrol", *Doctor Who*, BBC 1988


"He'll kill you." --Guard 1
"Of course he will.  That's what guns are for.  Pull a trigger, end a life.  Simple isn't it?'  --
--The Doctor
"Yes."  --Guard 2
"Makes sense, doesn't it?" --the Doctor
"Yes."  --Guard 2
"Life killing life." --the Doctor
"Who are you?" --Guard 1
"Shut up!  Why don't you do it, then?  Look me in the eye. Pull the trigger.  End my life." --the Doctor
"No." --Guard 1
"Why not?" --the Doctor
"I can't." --Guard 1
"Why not?" --the Doctor
"I don't know." --Guard 1
Grabs end of gun and takes it.  "No, you don't, do you?  Throw away your gun." --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "The Happiness Patrol", BBC, 1988


"You mean, the world's going to end and you've forgotten about it?" --Ace
"I've been busy." --the Doctor
"How long have you known?"  --Ace (Sophie Aldred)
"Well, in strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies, I've known since November the 23rd, 1638." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", *Doctor Who*, 1988


"This may qualify as the worst miscalculation since life crawled out of the seas on this sad planet." The Doctor, on sending Nemesis into a decaying orbit, "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"Isn't that old-fashioned?" --Ace
"Well, I'm an old-fashioned guy." --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"Come on, the bear will not pursue us-- such things happen only in the theatre."  Lady Peinforte (Fiona Walker), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"I don't suppose you completely ignored my instructions and secretly prepared any Nitro-9, did you? Hum?" --The Doctor
"What if I had?"  --Ace
"Naturally, you wouldn't do anything as insanely dangerous as to carry it around with you, would you?"  --The Doctor
"Of course not, I'm a good girl, I do what I'm told."
"Excellent!  Blow up that vehicle!"  --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988, (Ace grins and creeps off)


"Hello, I'm the Doctor, I believe you want to kill me."  --The Doctor to the Cyber-guards, "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"If I give you the bow…" the Doctor
"Your power becomes mine, but your secrets remain your own."  --Lady Peinforte
"It's all over, Ace, my battle, all my battles…" --the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"Professor!  That's me!"--Ace
"What?  'Course it is.  What a good likeness." --the Doctor, who then smiles at her.
"How come I'm hanging up here." --Ace
"Well, it hasn't happened yet." --the Doctor
"But it's 200 years ago." --Ace
"I know. But you haven't done it yet; that's why you can't remember it." --The Dr
"That doesn't make sense." --Ace
"Well, it did to Louie Armstrong.  But then, he really understood time."  --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"You seem remarkably well-informed- for someone who knows nothing."  Head Nazi
"I simply notice what is obvious- you apparently don't." --the Doctor, "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"They saved my life!" --Ace
"Don't thank them yet-- you may live to regret it." --the Doctor
"What are they?" --Ace
"Cybermen!" --The Doctor, "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"Validium was created as the ultimate defense for Gallifrey--back in early times."  --the Doctor
"Created by Omega?" --Ace
"Yes." --the Doctor
"And?" --Ace
"Rassilon." --the Doctor
"And?" --Ace
"And none of it should have left Gallifrey.  But, as always with these things, some of it did." --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"Doctor?" --Ace
"Ace?" (hesitantly) --the Doctor
"Look, Let's be honest about it.  I've never really buggered out of anything before, have I?" --Ace
"Oh, Ace, I'm sorry.  Forgive me.  Why don't you go back to the TARDIS?  You'll be safe there, whatever happens." --the Doctor
"No chance, Doctor, no chance." --Ace, "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"And I am to destroy the entire Cyber fleet?" --Nemesis
"Forever."  --the Doctor
"And then?"  --Nemesis
"Reform." --the Doctor
"You will need me in the future, though." --Nemesis
"I hope not." --the Doctor
"And after this will I have my freedom?" --Nemesis
"Not yet." --the Doctor
"When?" --Nemesis
"I told you when. [pause as he takes the bow] "Things are still imperfect."  --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Silver Nemesis", BBC, 1988


"It has a graveyard stench." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Battlefield" [on how he can tell it's a nuclear missile convey], BBC, 1989


"Of all the varied wonders of the universe, there's nothing so firmly clamped shut as the military mind." --the Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Whenever this Doctor shows up…all hell breaks loose."  --UNIT soldier, "Battlefield", BBC 1989


"The point of archeology is to carefully recover the past, not distinigrate it." --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Archeology is a precise and delicate skill.  History has to be eased out of the Earth, one painstaking layer at a time." Amateur archeologist Peter Whimsley, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"It says-- dig hole here."  --the Doctor
"What does it say that it?" --Whimsley
"My handwriting." --the Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Ace, one of these days we're going to have a nice, long talk about acceptable safety standards."  --The Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"What is Clarke's Law?" --the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
"Well, any advanced form of technology is indistinguishable from magic." --Ace (Sophie Aldred)
"Well, the reverse is true." --the Doctor
"Any advanced form of magic is indistinguishable from technology?" --Ace, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Stop! I command it! There will be no battle here!" --the Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"We know you of old, Merlin, you will not kill."  -Modred
"I wouldn't count on it!" --the Doctor
"Come on then, look me in the eye, end my life." --Modred
"Try me!" --the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney)
"Battlefield", BBC, 1989 (see also, "The Happiness Patrol")


"Exotic alien swords are easy to come by, Aces are rare." --the Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"You just shoot the bullets into it?"--the Brigadier
"Simple, isn't it?  Like most killings." --The Doctor, "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Sorry, Doctor, I think I'm rather more expendable than you are." --the Brigadier, (Nicholas Courtney), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Get off my world!" --The Brigadier, (Nicholas Courtney), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"I just do the best I can." --The Brigadier, (Nicholas Courtney), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"If this missile explodes-- millions will die, you will die."  --the Doctor
"I shall die with honor." --Morgaine
"All over the world, fools are poised, ready to let death fly. Machines of death, Morgaine, are screaming from above, a light brighter than the Sun, not a war between armies, nor a war between nations but just death, death gone mad.  A child looks up into the sky, his eyes turn to cinders.  No more tears, only ashes.  Is this Honour? Is this war?  Are these the weapons you would use?  Tell me!" --the Doctor
"No." Morgaine (Jean Marsh)
"Then put a stop to it, Morgaine, end the madness." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"Time and Time Lords wait for no man." --the Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Battlefield", BBC, 1989


"It travels at the speed of thought." --the Doctor (re Light), "GhostLight", BBC, 1989


"Don't you have things you hate?" --Ace
"I can't stand burnt toast. I loathe bus stations-- terrible places of lost luggage and lost souls." --The Doctor
"I told you I never wanted to come back here again." --Ace
"And there's unrequited love…and tyranny and cruelty…"  The Doctor
"Too right." --Ace (Sophie Aldred)
"We all have a universe of our own terrors to face." --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
"I face mine on my own terms." --Ace, "GhostLight" BBC 1989


"Sir, I think Mr. Matthews is confused." --Gwendolyne
"Never mind, I'll have him completely bewildered by the time I'm finished." --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "GhostLight" BBC 1989


"Let me guess, my theories appall you, my heresies outrage you, I never answer letters, and you don't like my tie!" --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "GhostLight" BBC 1989


"Why don't you just read Darwin instead of condemning him?" The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "GhostLight" (missing scene) BBC 1989

"Do you have any family of your own?" --Kathryn, Ace's Grandmother
"I don't know." --The Doctor, (Sylvester McCoy), "Curse of Fenric", BBC, 1989


"What's wrong, I'll do anything." --Ace to Kathryn, "Curse of Fenric", BBC, 1989


"Professor, I'm not a little girl." --Ace, "Curse of Fenric", BBC, 1989


"We came to steal Ultima machine.  Chess set?  No problem." Capt. Sorin, "Curse of Fenric", BBC, 1989


"You don't have the emblem this time." Haemeovore Demon Girl
"But I still have my faith." Capt. Sorin, BBC, 1989


"So what's so terrible about Perivale?" --the Doctor
"Nothing ever happens here." --Ace, "Survival", BBC, 1989


"So he's taken you away--to another planet, I'll find you." --The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Survival", BBC, 1989


"If we fight like animals, we die like animals." --The Doctor(Sylvester McCoy), "Survival", BBC, 1989


"I felt like I could run forever, smell the wind and feel the grass beneath my feet, and just run forever."  --Ace (Sophie Aldred), "Survival", BBC, 1989


"Home?" --the Doctor
"The TARDIS." --Ace, "Survival", BBC, 1989


"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea's asleep and the rivers dream.  People made of smoke and cities made of song.  Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea is getting cold.  Come on, Ace, we've got work to do." --the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), "Survival" (as the Doctor and Ace walk off into the woods together), BBC, 1989



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